Barun Pandey

Barun Pandey

Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018!

Every year, I make these extravagant resolutions I never fulfill anyway.

Last year, my new year resolution mainly revolved around three things:

  • I wanted to switch back to who I was before - back to an introvert and dial down a bit on social media.
  • Do more stuff that actually mattered.
  • Read more, and probably write more.
  • Be fitter

I have to say - I was miserable in my scorecard for 2017. For all I know,  I hope to have a lot better score upcoming year. At least, I've a bad benchmark for starters - it can only be upwards and onwards from here! This year, I will try broil down my resolutions to simple achievable footsteps too. In 2018, I want to:

  • Try eating more healthy. (Gradually!)
  • Read a lot more. (Hopefully, a book every week)
  • Code a lot lot lot more! ( :( )
  • A surprise!

All in all, 2017 wasn't that bad after all. Maybe, it was the year of setting up pace for me. There were sad times and happy times but isn't it how life actually is, anyway? It's sometimes cliche but, at the end, it's just about reflections on how happy you were.We built a new house in 2017!

Right now, I know the happy times far outweighed the lowest points of my year. Guess that is what 2017 taught me the most. You can choose to be what you want; as long as you have the willingness to control it. Sometimes, I just think we give ourselves no chance even before the fight is actually lost, and we go on to lose arbitrarily. The new year won't change the fact that I'm still lazy. But at least, I hope this post will come back to haunt me some day in the future. The motive is to make me feel ashamed of myself when I scroll back to look at my own blog posts because I spent months procrastinating my rituals. However, in 2018, my main resolution will be to carry on the good things I learned the previous year and build on it. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Oh. Hopefully, no braces by 2019. Cause it sucks.