Barun Pandey

Barun Pandey

About My Mother

I woke up at nine p.m. this morning - nothing special because it's my daily norm. First thing - check mobile if there are any messages - none. Not obsessed, but sometimes my friends pick absurd times to leave messages. Then go to toilet, brush, clean up my face and then I saw an unusual sighting. A bird had built a nest right besides my window.

It was fascinating, to see an egg - also delicate because my one move would break the egg. What stroke me more was how the mother pigeon kept bringing little bundles of stick woods continuously to build a nest. Don't get me wrong. I knew how a nest was built. But it just touched a part of heart which rendered a lot of emotions inside me.

After my morning ritual, I was already too late for college. I had a presentation today - a day where you strive to present yourself when you know you got nothing. All you have to do is create a fascist version of yourself and hope that the teacher doesn't single it out. It went fine. Perhaps it was my lucky day. After the presentation, my stomach was already craving for food. I hadn't eaten much since this morning. I needed to dash through as soon as I could to get to the college today; and consequently, I only ate a few spoons of rice which could only feed a baby. So I joined two of my friends in an almost daily routine at RedMud and ate my favorite Chicken Bacon wrap and Chicken Chilly ofcourse.

A few minutes of daily chitchat later, it had already become late and the lighting told me I had to return home as soon as I can. On my return, I did a little freshening up. Home didn't quite feel like home today. However, I dialed it down to Barun 101 theories and moved on. I checked my mobile for a quick Instagram surf. Rather unsurprisingly, it was off! I hadn't checked it since morning, and I am rather too mischievous that way. I keep the mobile on silent almost always! A few minutes and one Modern Family Episode later, I found that my mother had called me numerous times! She had gone out of the valley for a close-family marriage. I called her, and her voice suddenly made me feel like home again.

Perhaps, that was what had been missing all along. It made me remember why a little egg in the nest soothed me so much this morning. My mother helps me do a lot of things. But that was not what I was missing. In fact, sometimes, I quite like the idea of being independent. But it was her presence.

Her presence even when she was miles away. The idea of knowing that there is that one special lady always there right besides you when you need her. Her undeniable presence in the house stirred a different aura to it.

I sometimes wish there was a container to hold in the feeling you have when someone that special is around. Or maybe a drug that comforts you as much as it does. Sometimes, in life, we miss out on a lot of things. Maybe, the little bird that will come out of that very egg will never realize that the nest it rest on - came through the hardwork and sweat of it's mother. Today, what I learned was that maybe, sometimes I take it for granted.

In the end, very fact that she exists, is enough and maybe when we are flying so high up in the sky, it's easy to forget there were people who made it possible.

There is one special lady who you could fly to a corner in Antartica and still make it feel home. Just with her presence.

Her presence.